The Skids- Putting the Brakes on Toxic Tyres

Our Dirty Little Secret: Australia’s Trade in Toxic Tyres

Tyres are pretty harmless right? Just a simple piece of black rubber…when the dealer fits my new tyres they recycle them don’t they? The invoice says I pay an environmental levy to recycle my old tyres.

That’s what most tyre dealers and manufacturers want you to believe. Unfortunately the reality is that when you buy new tyres you are probably being ripped off through an elaborate ‘con job’ perpetuated by unethical and dishonest tyre dealers and criminal smugglers posing as recyclers. This practice has devastating and often tragic consequences.

Boomerang Alliance and our new campaign ‘The Skids’ estimate that each year Australian Tyre Merchants allow 80% of all their tyre waste to be dumped into situations where they jeopardize peoples health and wellbeing. The consequences of this shameful practice include: Fires; Disease; Injury and Poisoning.

Australia's Toxic Tyres

The Facts about Tyres

Government estimates that, each year, the equivalent of 48+million passenger tyres reach the end of their life (the actual number of tyres is somewhat less than this. Industry measures the amount of waste tyres in Equivalent Passenger Units (EPUs) to adjust for the fact that truck and mining tyres are much larger tyres.)

Less than 16% of these tyres (8million p.a.) are actually recovered and recycled in Australia, another 1.6million tyres are disposed on in licensed landfills.

No-one actually knows exactly what happens to the rest –A staggering 30.3 million tyres simply disappear each year. We know they aren’t recycled or landfilled in Australia, meaning they are illegally dumped into our environment, smuggled overseas by criminals posing as ‘recyclers’ or dangerously stockpiled at unlicensed sites around the country. Every one of these tyres create extreme fire hazards, become breeding grounds for vermin and causing the spread of diseases like Dengue Fever here in Australia and across South East Asia.

As you explore our webpage you’ll discover how hundreds of Australian dealers are aiding and abetting criminal enterprises in peddling these toxic tyres into places like Vietnam, while also threatening the life and wellbeing of Australians. Maybe they don’t understand the dangers they are creating when they choose to use dodgy unlicensed recyclers (more accurately described as smugglers); but the fact remains that they choose to turn a blind eye on what happens to their waste – all so they can pocket around another $1 a tyre.

In this day and age, the practice of many tyre retailers is simply unacceptable – Boomerang Alliance’s The Skids Campaign will put the brakes on our toxic tyres.

We are tracking the dodgy recyclers and have hired private investigators to undertake surveillance to name and shame the tyre merchants using these criminals. We’ll be identifying, investigating and insisting the millions of illegally dumped tyres across Australia are cleaned up! A team has visited Vietnam, to check out the consequences of our toxic tyre trade!

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